About Us




Harris Elementary School was the 6th or 7th elementary school built in Fort Collins. Of the first 7 schools built between 1871 and 1919, only about half remain standing. Harris (first called Lincoln School) was built in 1919, along with a twin school, Washington School (now the Lab School). In 1939, after the naming of Lincoln Junior High, Lincoln School was renamed Harris after former teacher and Principal Margaret “Mame” Harris. It is unknown whether the school was renamed to honor Principal Harris or to avoid confusion of there being two schools with the same name. After serving the neighborhood for over 70 years, in 1993, Harris Bilingual Immersion School (HBIS) opened its doors as a dual language school with 88 students in grades K-4.

Dual Language

At Harris Bilingual Immersion School (HBIS) we follow a dual language, two-way immersion program. Our students’ first language is either Spanish or English and they learn the district curriculum in both languages.  The goal of the program is that all children are able to speak, read, and write in English and Spanish while meeting Colorado Academic Standards.


Mission Statement

The mission of HBIS is to promote high levels of Spanish and English language proficiency, academic achievement in both languages, high self-esteem and positive cross-cultural attitudes.