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Where are you from?: 

I am from Bogota, Colombia, however I was born and raised in Doha, Qatar, a country in the Middle East. I went to an American International School growing up and graduated High School there. I always say that I am from all over the world. I love my heritage from Colombia, however keep very close to my heart the traditions I learned from living in Qatar, as well as the different cultures I was exposed to going to a school with over 80 nationalities. 

How did you learn your second language: 

After I was born in Qatar, my family moved back to Colombia for 3 years, therefore my first language was Spanish. However, my brother and sister both spoke English. So, Spanish was my first language and I communicated in Spanish, but my siblings spoke to me in English. I learned to understand them perfectly, but did not speak English. As soon as I moved back to Qatar, I attended a British International School for the beginning of my schooling and learned how to speak English in Kindergarten. 

What is your mission as a staff member at Harris?: 

My mission at Harris is to show the love I have for a bilingual education and lifestyle. I hope to give my students the ownership, confidence and love to pursue a second language. I am constantly motivating my students in all areas of schooling, cheering them on through challenges and ensuring they know that they can be successful in what they set their mind to. I want my students to see Harris as a second home and all students, parents and staff members as a family. Together, supporting one another, we can grow every single day toward a beautiful and bright future!

Tell us something interesting about yourself?: 

In elementary school, I wanted to try everything, be a risk taker and expose myself to as many activities out there as I could. With that in mind, I learned to play the piano, the flute, the guitar and ukulele. I played soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball and did gymanstics after school. I was a girl scout and joined many clubs involving the Chess Club, Global Issues Club and Roots and Shoots. I was constantly inspired by many people around me to be a part of something great! I hope to inspire my students each day to try something new because they can be a part of many things.