Karin W.R.

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(970) 488-5227
About Me
Where are you from?: 

I was born in Waverly, IA but have lived in Colorado since I was 5. I went to elementary school in Strasburg, then middle and high school in Aurora. Go Gateway Olympians!

How did you learn your second language: 

I studied French in high school. While a student at Colorado College, I began learning Spanish. I studied abroad in Costa Rica; after college, I learned more Spanish while working as an AmeriCorps volunteer at a family resource center in Denver.

What is your mission as a staff member at Harris?: 

To inspire a love of learning in all students and to teach children positive social interactions that prepare them for success in a diverse, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and rapidly changing world.

Tell us something interesting about yourself?: 

The easiest way to learn how to pronounce my first name is to say "Car-in-the-garage."

My Classroom
What do you teach or do at Harris?: 

I teach kindergarten.  During the morning, I teach literacy skills in English to native English-speakers.  For the rest of the day, I teach mathematics, science, and social studies to a mixed group of students in both English and Spanish.