Gloria Carlson

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Directory Information
Phone Number: 
(970) 488-5211
About Me
Where are you from?: 

I'm from Monterrey, Mexico.

How did you learn your second language: 

I learned English by taking English lessons while living in Mexico and also by being part of student exchange programs in English speaking countries.

What is your mission as a staff member at Harris?: 

"As a staff member at Harris my mission is to help students learn a second language. I believe learning should be through fun and engaging activities but systematic and direct at the same time.

Tell us something interesting about yourself?: 

"I started teaching in 1995. I came to the U. S. in 1999 as part of a teaching exchange program. I have 2 wonderful children that attended Harris Bilingual.  I love being outdoors and Colorado is the perfect place for it.
I love skiing, biking, running, reading, photography, tennis, and shopping!. 

My Classroom
What do you teach or do at Harris?: 

I teach English as a Second Language in grade levels 1st through 3rd to students whose primary language is Spanish. I am also a literacy interventionist for 4th and 5th graders here at Harris.