Carlos Meikel

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(970) 488-5224
About Me
Where are you from?: 

Paonia, Colorado (But actually born in Torreon, Mexico)

How did you learn your second language: 

Through classes I've taken in middle school, high school, college and classes I've taken on my own to help improve my use of Spanish.

What is your mission as a staff member at Harris?: 

I am here to help kids discover and embrace Art in all its myriad forms and media. I also feel it is my job to not only teach Art, but to teach our students how to be better human beings in general and Art just happens to be my vehicle to do this. Art is a gateway to the world. It introduces us to different cultures and different ways of thinking. Art is a vital piece of our children's education and it is my pleasure to help guide our students on this amazing journey!

Tell us something interesting about yourself?: 

I am an avid fan of comic books.  I collect all kinds: Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, X-men, The Avengers, the list could go on and on!  Some people say comic books are not "real reading"... I beg to differ.  They opened my mind to a life long love of reading and Art.  So anything to do with superheroes... I just love!!

My Classroom
What do you teach or do at Harris?: 

I am the Art teacher at Harris Elementary... best job ever!