Mrs. Cecilie Richmond

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Directory Information
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(970) 488-5212
About Me
Where are you from?: 

I was born and raised in Loveland, Colorado - Native!

How did you learn your second language: 

I began my second language study as a camper at Concordia College Language Villages camp studying Norweigan, then Spanish. I came to love other languages with this early exposure and continued my Spanish study in high school, then at CU Boulder (GO BUFFS!) where I took every possible opportunity to study abroad in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and Granada, Spain. I continue to learn more Spanish daily as a teacher at Harris.  I was awarded a grant to teach and study in Costa Rica the summer after of my first year of teaching.  This was also an incredible experience that helped me to appreciate more aspects of another culture and dialect of the Spanish language

What is your mission as a staff member at Harris?: 

My primary goal is to create a warm, welcoming, engaging environment in which all students feel genuinely comfortable, valued and needed as individuals who bring a wealth of expereince. Students will come recognize their own strenghts as well as the strengths of individuals on our team.  With this confidence, I find students become open and willing to accept help from their team thereby developing an interdependence that will spur our personal and academic growth. Ultimately, I want my class to grow into more confident, capable citizens of the world equipped with a set of many tools to support them through life's many transitions, changes, trials and victories.

Mi meta primaria es crear un ambiente emocionante, estimulador con el bienvenido en lo cual todos los alumnos se sienten bien comodos, como personas valorosas y necesitadas, personas que traen una riqueza de experiencia al mundo.  Quiero que los estudiantes reconzcan sus propias fortalezas juntas con las fortalezas de los miembros de sus equipos.  Con esta confianza, los estudiantes pueden adquerir una mentalidad abierta y lista para aceptar apoyo de su equipo y su alrededor. Con esta habilidad de acepter apoyo con humildad, podemos crear una interdependencia entre nosotros que trae igualdad y valor para todos. En fin, quiero que mis alumnos sean ciudadanos capaces del mundo que caminan con confianza, equipados con herramientas para animar y apoyarlos por las tranciciones, las dificultades, y los exitos de la vida.

Tell us something interesting about yourself?: 

Both my parents met as teachers.  As a child, I loved teaching my friends how to make friendship bracelets.  As as students, I love any opportunity a teacher would give me to coach other students in both academic and life settings. My first job was teaching swimming lessons.  Ii believe I am meant to be a teacher and I wouldn't want to teach anywhere except Harris.  I am blessed to love my work and to love the life I live with our Harris community, my amazing husband (Luke), my two kids (Tanner, ~5 years old, Natalie, 3) as well as my parents and in-laws.  Most recently I have learned that life is fragile, it changes in the blink of an eye.  Therefore, I live with a renewed gratitude for the amazing work my body and mind are able to do today, deeper gratitude and faith than ever before, and added optimism, serenity and positivity that the life I have in this moment is such an incredible gift.

My Classroom
What do you teach or do at Harris?: 

I began my life with my second family at Harris as Liliana Deal's 3rd grade student teacher 15 years ago!  I taught one year of 3rd grade then moved up to 5th where I stayed for a few years before giving 6th grade a try.  After that 6th grade year, I returned to 5th grade.  In the past 3 years, my role has been transitioning towards small group intervention and enrichment teaching.  This is my first year as the Harris GT site coordinator and as an interventionist support teacher.  I'm excited for a fun year ahead!

About My Classroom: 

We are a team of learners appreciating our imperfect nature as a jumping off point that serves to help us learn from each other daily.  We think hard, we are able to prove and explain what we think and why we think it.  We love questions (often even more than answers).  We are a celebratory, united, fun-loving, dancing, perseving group of life-long learning lovers ready to challenge our own beliefs and conceptions of how we learn and look at life.